Successful companies surround themselves with suppliers they can trust, and believe can help them and their clients. It gives them that continuity of supply that they rely upon for their own polished reputation.

Our 'value-add' service is designed to move you up your client's value chain from vendor to partner and then trusted advisor. It also moves your suppliers up your value chain, giving that continuity of supply that helps you and your clients.

Proactive Service Management

Key Client Service Delivery Plan
A client service delivery plan sets out a simple framework on how you will service your clients, post sale or at implementation of your service or product. This will deliver a competitive advantage to your business through:

  • Retaining loyal clients (it's 5 times more expensive to attract new ones).
  • Focusing on where you are able to add value to your client's operation, thus moving you from a supplier to becoming a trusted advisor.
  • Building deep and wide service relationships.
  • Tactical reporting, which provides your clients a monthly or quarterly detailed view of how your products or services are benefiting them and their clients - if you're doing a good job, it pays to remind your customers from time to time.
  • Developing strategic inroads to a wider audience within your client's organisation, which safeguards your future position in the event of key personnel changes.
  • After sales service credibility - meets and/or exceeds client expectations.
  • Recommendations, referrals and testimonials from your client to prospective new clients.
  • Dialogue with customers on a service rather than a sales agenda, giving you exposure to guarded opportunities.
  • Building a trust that will last for the long term.

Key Supplier Service Delivery Plan
A key supplier service plan is a simple framework agreed with your supplier, setting out how your post sales service or implementation of their product or service will be managed. This will deliver a competitive advantage to your business through:

  • Enhanced product /service opportunities.
  • Speedy resolutions of any disputes or queries.
  • Better, more reliable service to your clients.
  • Awareness of Key Performance Indicators.
  • Awareness of and adherence to service and operational level agreements.
  • Preferential notice period for any supply chain disruption and restoration.
  • Tactical reporting, which provides you a monthly or quarterly detailed view about the service you are receiving.
  • Building a trust that will last for the long term.
  • Planning and mitigation