If you're worrying about wavering clients or struggling with an unreliable supplier, you need to take action now to stop the ripple affecting your business and future growth.

Our Urgent Assistance Service is designed to resolve specific service issues that are impacting your business today. Engaging a third party to work with you to deliver a positive outcome for both parties makes a more powerful statement of win win intent, to your client or supplier.

Reactive Service Management

Client rescue
In the event of a service or relationship breakdown with one or more of your key clients, we work on you behalf to:

  • Manage regret, reason and remedy.
  • Repair broken service relationships.
  • Build reassurance.
  • Keep communication channels open.
  • Deliver positive outcomes.
  • Safeguard your reputation.

Supplier Engagement
Key supplier issues can be extremely costly in time and money to your business. And inevitably they have a knock on affect to your clients. We take full ownership of:

  • Resolving the issue.
  • Establishing reasons for the difficulty.
  • Pursuing root cause, resolution, prevention.
  • Keeping communication channels open.
  • Repairing broken service relationships.
  • Delivering positive outcomes.